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I am very interested in catering, events, and collaborations! Also always keen to connect with others and hear from you (:

You can find me on Instagram @_macanmakan_, though I’m not a huge fan of being a consistent content creator (as you’ll see). Emailing me at [email protected] is the best way to reach me, and filling out the form below will send me an email directly!
If you have my cell phone number or personal Instagram already, feel free to reach out via that!

Note to friends: I appreciate you being in my life, notably supporting me with your encouragement and kindness. I don’t wish to commodify our relationship or interactions, and would also gladly make food for or with if that could be mutually fulfilling! Thanks for checking out my website (:

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If you have a review, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Item: Potstickers
The dumplings are full and have very nice mild flavor. made with love, muy delicioso yumyum ! You can eat a lot of them and feel nice after.


Item: Banana Breads
I love it when Celine makes her banana bread, I was so happy to hear that I can I order it whenever I want. The best part, you don’t have to be her friend and you still get banana bread!
– Allan

Item: Lumpia
Super sabroso and delicious to eat with friends. Celine has such a talent for making any dish flavorful and this is no exception! Looking to get your lumpia cravings fixed? 10/10 recommend trying these.
– Erika