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You can find me on Instagram @_macanmakan_! Feel free to send me a dm or fill out the contact form below to send a message to my email ([email protected]).
If you have my cell # already, feel free to text me about this!

Note to friends: I don’t want to weirdly commodify our relationship or interactions, and would also gladly make or share food with you just because we are friends if it would be mutually fulfilling. I do truly appreciate your support in any form!

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Item: Potstickers
The dumplings are full and have very nice mild flavor. made with love, muy delicioso yumyum ! You can eat a lot of them and feel nice after.


Item: Banana Breads
I love it when Celine makes her banana bread, I was so happy to hear that I can I order it whenever I want. The best part, you don’t have to be her friend and you still get banana bread!
– Allan

Item: Lumpia
Super sabroso and delicious to eat with friends. Celine has such a talent for making any dish flavorful and this is no exception! Looking to get your lumpia cravings fixed? 10/10 recommend trying these.
– Erika