Thank you for being interested in placing an order!

Orders are currently closed for the month of June, and will reopen in July. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

Do you do catering?

Absolutely! Message me for bulk orders or options not included here, including stir fries, noodles, fried rice, or other customable items for your group.

Do you have discounts?

My main purpose in creating Macan Makan was to
1) share food with others
2) do so in an accessible way, meaning I want to price everything as equitably as possible and to be regenerative in this practice.
I’ll meet you where you’re at (with any order, we’ll discuss pricing confirming) and am flexible!

When you place an order, I’ll be in touch within the next 24-48 hours to confirm items, delivery method, and pricing!

Available Menu Items (July 2024)

Dumplings (~30g each, sold by the dozen for $10/dozen) (frozen)
Pork (pork, shrimp, scallop, & leeks)
Chicken (chicken, shiitake mushrooms, & leeks)
Vegan Dumplings (tofu, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, & leeks)

Loaves ($10 each) (8.5×4″ pans)
Pumpkin Spice: With or without chocolate chips
Banana Breads: with or without chocolate chips, walnuts, or any other toppings!

Lemon Loaves: super subtle, made with greek yogurt!

Carrot Loaf: a very subtly sweet carrot cake, imitating a bolo de cenoura. I haven’t figured out how to make a good chocolate cobertura/glaze yet or else I’d offer…
customize your loaves (mix & match, or add a topping not listed here) for no additional charge!

Scones ($3 for 6) (mini scones)
Vanilla scones
change the glaze or add an add-in topping to your scones for no additional charge!

Chocolate Chip Cookies – I can make a decent one copying “levain style” choc chip cookies (though these are “normal” sized – $8/dozen)
Olive Oil Cakes! – these are thinner, made in a brownie (8×8″) pan and when in season, I think go really well with figs in them. I would choose a fruit to go with, if you’re interested! (Currently on hold/unavailable)


Your first delivery within or around San Diego is FREE!
If we regularly see each other or could (at a gym, event, etc), I’ll deliver to that mutual place for free too 🙂 Otherwise, it’s just a flat $3 or $5 delivery fee depending on location!


I take Zelle, Cash, or Venmo currently! My Venmo is @Celine-Jusuf – you’ll see the little tiger logo 🐯
I am also willing to do trades and sliding scale pricing! Message me if you have any concerns or questions (:


Message me or just let me know if you have any additional requests or want to change anything! I don’t charge extra for customizing add-ins to loaves, for example.

I am constantly working on baking without any added sugars, and should get into gluten free options sometime soon. I haven’t been inspired to do any vegan baking much since high school but I’m openminded. If you’re not seeing something that speaks to you (ah, I need to make beef dumplings; I just didn’t grow up with a variant of them so never really developed an affinity for it) – let me know and I’ll give most things a shot for fun for ya!!