Hello! My name is Celine. Besides sharing food and food experiences with others, I really love learning about others’ flavor profiles, affinities, and foods they’ve eaten as they’ve grown up throughout life. With some of this love and curiosity I created Macan Makan (with the help, support, affection, and encouragement of many friends!). I hope that this may be an outlet to continue sharing food that I truly enjoy creating with you.

When I am not cooking or baking, I hope that I am practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, or in the company of friends. Perhaps in the sun, shooting bows and arrows, riding the bike, or eating an asian pear. I moved to San Diego in 2019 after living in the midwest for three years during undergrad, and before that, I grew up in the East Bay Area, CA.

I feel that my life has changed a lot, and rapidly, especially over the last year, but I feel a little more grounded now to center on a few ways of expressing myself such as through this. The last 8 months especially have been filled with a lot of grief for me (even beginning before that), and the connections, rhythm, and movement/training that others and myself have given to me during that time have helped me find life and breath in the midst of it. Thank you to everyone who has connected with me over time.

Lastly, I am also 24 – born in the year of the (earth) tiger – 1998. Events of that year connect to the reason my parents moved from Indonesia to the United States, and thus Macan Makan resonates as a name. I am clearly not the best with web design (or many things), and to each friend or family member who has tested this website, helped with my ideas, and been there for support in preparation, I adore you, thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has ever been kind to me or loved me; for that reason I am here. Thank you, everyone who is reading this; I am grateful.


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